Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Typical Smokey Eye

So this morning I woke up super early. because my mom is teaching me how to drive.Which I did very well if I do say so my self. Except my mother was super scared and kept screaming at me even though there was no cars around. Haha. Well when we went home I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided, why don't I do a makeup tutorial? So this tutorial is my basic smokey eye. It is super fast and for an on the go type of makeup. which is my type of makeup because I am always late. If you want to see the full video for this tutorial then go to my youtube channel. If its not there its because I haven't uploaded it yet because I need to edit it but it will be uploaded soon so check it out. my youtube channel is 

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So this is the look, i hope you enjoy.(:

 1. So first you will get a light gray and apply it all over your lid
2. Get a blending brush and apply a dark gray on outer V
3. Just get a matte black and  blend up with the dark gray
4. Pick a highlight color under brow and blend downwards
5. Then put on some liquid/gel eyeliner
6. Put some mascara and/or falsies
7. Put eyeliner on the bottom and your eyes are done(:
8. Get your foundation and apply over face 
9. Apply powder to set foundation
10. Contour your face
11. Then apply a light blush
I really hope you guys like this tutorial and tell me what you think.

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