Monday, July 11, 2011

Lovely ocean blue makeup tutorial

Hey everyone! So first off i just wanted to say sorry for taking so long to do another makeup video or post. It is because I have been super busy this summer. Its just been hectic with drama, school, and family. But despite all that I decided I'm going to do this lovely blue tutorial. I really like this look because it could be used to just go out to the store, on a date (not the first date though), to hang out with friends or just too look stylish if you want to match with what your wearing. The reason I think it shouldn't be worn on a first date is because a first date should be a nondramatic look. Second off I wanted to point out I changed my color hair to a red burgundy color because blond is just not for me.Third off I have seen all of your requests on what you would like to see here and on youtube and I will be doing most of them. Obviously not all at once because well im not wonder woman. Haha. So on to this tutorial I will show you what I used and how it comes out. I also wanted to tell you that my eye shape is not like most peoples. So of course this look will look different on everyone and that is the reason why I wanted to start doing tutorials because everyone has a different eye shape. I will try to do another tutorial soon so keep a look out on that.So I hope you enjoy this tutorial and tell me what you think.

So first off I will start on the face...
1. Conceal any blemishes, dark circles or imperfections. I will be using E.l.f's Concealer and we will blend with the ring finger
2. Cover face evenly with foundation and I will be using Loreal Paris Infallible Foundation with foundation brush
3. Now you will put a powder to set foundation and I will be using Covergirl's press powder with E.l.f's powder brush(from the one dollar line)
4. Next is time for the bronzer to contour the face and I will be using Fit me by Maybelline
5. Then we will lightly apply the blush and im using NYC color wheel with a blush brush

                                                                                     (This picture has green circles around the colors its                                                                                       just hard to see it.)
Now for the eyes...
1. You can apply your base/ primer
2. Put a matte white eyeshadow all over lid (by e.l.f)
3. Next we will get a light blue and apply it to the middle of the eyelid and I will be using my BH cosmetics palette with a regular eyeshadow brush
4. We will use a darker blue but still on the light side and put it on our outer corner still using the same palette with a different eyeshadow brush
5. Then getting a crease brush we are going to put a matte black and blend with the outer blue
6. Next is important! make sure everything is blended out becuase you dont wanna look like a clown hehe>.<
7. Then we will apply the highlight still using the same palette with and angled brush
8. Blend again!
9.Now we are going to put on some eyeliner and you can put liquid/ gel liner which ever one works for you but I am using Almays liquid liner and I love this eyeliner!( I will do a tutorial with gel just to let you know if your wondering)
10.I will apply some mascara then add the falsies, then once they dry put a lil bit more mascara so they blend together(not a lot though)
11. Then put some blue eyeshadow on the bottom lash line
12. Of course were going to put some eyeliner with a pencil liner
13. I did my eyebrows last and I think this is optional because not everyone likes doing their eyebrows
14. And finally I apply the lip color last because i dont want to mess it up or dry while im doing the rest so used Maybelline's lipstick in champagne and a pink gloss over
15. Then Bam! Your done lol

I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial because I love the color blue, its my favorite. And don't forget to look at the video for this tutorial it will be on my youtube channel which is on the side ----> over there somewhere. Lol. Well talk to you guys later and stay beautiful!

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